(Happy Mother’s Day #2) I chose the responsibility of life

For those of you NOT related to me, Dear Readers, A few *coughmorethanafew* years ago, I fought and won custody of my Beloved Nephew. With Heartfelt thanks I must acknowledge my Hubby's agreement to take on this task with me. For me, Dear Reader, it was a simple matter of family first. For my hubby...it... Continue Reading →

(Happy Mother’s Day) Parenthood and Me

The absolutely biggest thing I've ever done with my human existence is becoming a parent. It was, and perpetually is, the single most bestest perfectly perfect thing I have done in my life! Now, I by no means claim to have ever been a 'GOOD' mother. When I say it is the greatest thing I... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary…ep 5

Dear Diary, last night was interesting. I found myself outside late at night, enjoying the solitude and stars when I heard the moon, clear as day (irony) tell me that I was fat. Now, first I must say I wasn't shocked to hear the moon speak to me. I'm a writer. A creative writer. That... Continue Reading →

Maggots among us.

Good evening, or morning, or whatever time of day it maybe for you dear reader. For me, it's the evening. And, just like any day, this one started off early. With chores the length of my hand. You know, the every day, keep this place functioning type chores that I, and probably you, have a... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday Mindful Moment

Hello dear readers, welcome to another Manic Monday. I'm not embarrassed to say today was way more Manic than Mindful. I am a terrible procrastinator! That is NO surprise to those of you who know Hhoky, for those of you who aren't as familiar please stick around for a more in-depth look at how hopelessly... Continue Reading →

Hhoky’s Naked Truths

Welcome to a collection of entertaining mental facts all about me, Hhoky. Strap on your water wings and protective eye wear dear readers. You are about to learn a thing. Bathrooms make me nervous. No, really. It's not just the microscopic germs and creepy stray hairs that always seem to be in any bathroom anywhere.... Continue Reading →

A Perfectly Perfect Moment

Hello dear readers! So glad you stopped by. I just want to share a perfectly perfect random moment of extraordinary joy that happened a little while ago. It was a typical day, work, chores, canceled plans. Deadlines to meet. Same as yesterday and the day before if I'm honest. Its been rainy here in the... Continue Reading →


This is a topic that fascinates me. It's one of the principles I try to live by, even if I don't understand it completely. The idea that filling up your good cup equals good things happening to you, while depositing into your bad cup results in bad things happening seems pretty straight forward. And Yet.... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary…ep4

Dear Diary, today my hubby made me confess I have DTA. Dont worry, it's not true. (Also, I had my fingers crossed, so it doesnt even count.) What is DTA? He calls it Duct Tape Addiction. He made it up, I'm pretty sure, so theres no way it's a thing. Like a real thing. Even... Continue Reading →

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